What’s your Everest?

Browsing through the library it caught my eye, It was Bear Grylls book, Mud Sweat and Tears, I wanted to read it, it seems an odd choice for me as I had been sewing all winter and love all things floral and girly and usually love a good fiction book but on a hunch I booked it out, popped it under the pushchair and headed home. It was a good hunch!

As christmas played out, the lights, tree, the endless chocolate and treats (and therefore calories, which Im trying not to think about..) the presents and the fun, I was often found sat in bed, hooked turning page after page of this brilliant book. One of the many things he talks about is Everest and his climb up that glorious mountain. He talks of the beauty and of the risk, the awe inspiring views and yet the fear, the passion and with that the pain, the determination and the exhaustion. He is honest and real about what dreaming about Everest looks like and what Everest was actually like to climb, the whole experience. If you get time to read the book, do it its an incredible read. It got me thinking…

What’s my Everest, whats your Everest?

The reason?

Our dreams and plans and hearts desires I think are often a bit like Bear’s trip up that mountain.  We dream our dreams and we hold them in our hearts,  but when the time comes, it can be amazingly wonderful but it can also be hard sometimes, it can require so much work and endurance, faith and self confidence, an ability to push through when you feel like giving up.

We can have moments of pure joy and moments where the tears flow easily. Often it doesn’t look like what we thought it would look like, things take longer than we thought it would, the reality a little different from the dream. It is still glorious, and we have and enjoy top of the mountain days, but then sometimes we are climbing and climbing hard.

I think for me the heart is this, when you have a dream hold onto it with both hands, know there will be days you feel like giving up and days when the excitement is exhilarating. Both days, keep going, keep pushing through because when you get to the top, the journey will be complete and it will all be worth it.

Your everest may be raising a family, working on a marriage, a career, loving your family, getting out of debt, forgiveness, learning a new skill, building a business, starting something new or starting over completely.

Whatever it is I pray with all my heart that you and I will have the strength to see it through and enjoy the climb, the good bits and the hard bits, the joys and the tears, and inspire others to whip on their backpack so to speak.. and take that first step.